About Us

SAK for Trading and Contracting Company- A Sole Proprietorship Company, with a capital of 100 million riyals, for its owner SAK Holding Group, a Qatari company which is working in the real estate sector in various fields. SAK for trading and contracting is considered as the executive arm of the labor force of the company, which has made the company's success story. SAK Holding Group Has bought Ezdan for Trading and Contracting Company in the 17th of September 2012, one of Ezdan Real Estate subsidiaries; which was carrying out all construction projects, and its annexation to SAK Holding Group under the name of SAK for Trading & Contracting Co, to continue to accomplish Ezdan Real Estate Company projects that have been converted into a holding group, SAK for Trading and Contracting Company to continue at the same time the implementation of future projects for SAK Holding Group, taking advantage of the long history of experience spanning five decades, the company has gained in the field of construction.

SAK Holding Group includes under its umbrella:

  • SAK for Trading and Contracting Co.
  • SAK Real Estate Co.
  • SAK Partnerships Co.
  • SAK Security Services Co.

SAK for Trading and Contracting Company is practicing the following activities:

    General construction of buildings (public and construction of buildings).
    Contracting, paving and paving the way.
    Trading in Construction Equipment.
    Electrical work (electrical equipment) such as extension cords and connectors and repair work.
    General Maintenance.
    Trading in electrical tools.
    Trading in furnishings.
    Household furniture trading.
    Carpet trading.
    Trading in doors against fire.

SAK Policy:

  • Quality Policy