The General Manager Message

SAK Trading & Contracting company is considered as an executive arm of SAK Holding Group, one of the local company leading in real estate and development sector, Which has managed over the past decades of giving a positive character on the real estate sector in Qatar, which contributed to the prosperity of the sector, as well as providing thousands of housing units, commercial, administrative and service that contributed to the comfort and well-being of different segments of the Qatari society.

And continuing the pioneering role that SAK Trading and Contracting Company seeks to play, we have increased its capital from 200 thousand riyals, to a hundred million Qatari riyals, which increases the strength and effectiveness of the company within the system set of SAK Holding group which is now including under its umbrella companies that cover different areas of work and integrated with each other, thing that increases operational efficiency, and the speed and quality of achievement, which gives added value to customers and partners ..

Based on the SAK Trading & Contracting's commitment to a policy of sustainable development to provide better management, and services comply with the highest international standards of quality, we are preparing for the Integrated Systems PAS 99 certificate, after that, we evaluated all of our systems and our machinery including administrative position to get this internationally recognized certificate, in the same context we have the introduction of quality management, one of the regulatory tools to achieve the concept of total quality management and modern, which focuses on providing outstanding service to customers, and promote high professional, in line with the requirements of planning and organizing workflow facility in accordance with the specifications of ISO 9001.

In line with our adopted modern strategy, we support the development and implementation of project management; it reflects the vision of SAK for Trading & Contracting Company and our efforts to achieve self-sufficiency and reduce the size of subcontractors work for performance tuning, in the interests of the company and partners in that, as we have succeeded in achieving an important addition to the quality of our activities, through SAK electricity and fire systems company, the new branch, which operates under the umbrella of SAK Trading & Contracting company, after we got the necessary approvals for the implementation of electrical projects and fire systems in buildings, we note that w through creating "SAK Security Services" company, concerned with the application of all the work of the security systems and light power we can keep pace with technological and scientific boom and security equipment taking place in the construction and real estate development sector, phenomenal winning and development in the field of information technology and the Internet revolution and communications, enabling it to maintain the quality of services provided.

SAK Company for Trading & Contracting has succeeded in winning the confidence of its customers through our projects and our business that are committed to the values and objectives for which the company has, and continues to distinguish the application of the quality system in the executive and technical management in the completion of projects, and attract excellent talent and raise the level of its employees and to provide support and training for them and introduce them to new technologies and requirements accompanying development in all areas of real estate development, in order to raise the performance levels of the corresponding local and global standards that lead us towards the highest ratings, and put us in the ranks of the pioneers.

We wish to all the employees of the company all the progress and success, and we affirm our commitment and our relentless pursuit to make the effort to provide supplies that enable them to do their jobs according to the latest and best technologies and under the environmental, health, safe and sound conditions.

General Manager

Eng. Ahmed Elsayed Ali